#taretravels: Széchenyi Thermal Bath

OMG THE POST EVERYONE HAS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Everybody say hello to the amazing, stunning Széchenyi Thermal Bath!! It is the largest medicinal bath in all of Europe, and the water is supplied by two thermal springs 😀 Adopting the typical "save-the-best-for-the-last" aunty mentality, we planned to visit the famous bath on the very … Continue reading #taretravels: Széchenyi Thermal Bath


#taretravels: St. Stephen’s Basilica

It's the 31st of July now, and I visited the St. Stephen's Basilica on the 23rd of June! Has it really been a month since I was at the grand, wonderful city of Budapest?? It's so unbelievable. Why is time passing so quickly? 😦 Budapest has been really magical. I truly enjoyed my time in the … Continue reading #taretravels: St. Stephen’s Basilica