Materialistic Me

Welcome to Materialistic Me, a page dedicated to the whims and fancies of a certain Cheryl Tare 😀 The amount of consumerism squeezed into this page is unabashedly high. You have been warned!!

This is a form of self-motivation, my friends. ONWARDS!! >:D

Sony Alpha A5000 in White
Time to save up!!!

Herschel, herschel, herschel!
Post or Settlement ? Which is best? 😀

Urban Decay Naked
I love the rose gold theme in Naked 3,
but the gold tones in Naked 1 are absolutely gorgeous!! *conflicted*
Which would you pick?

From the Belly of the Cat Edited by Stephanie Ye THANK YOU CJ 😀
I’m really more of a dog kinda person… but local authors. That is all.


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