It’s been a year and going,
I know we’ve been through a lot.
It’s easy to take for granted
What we loved, but we forgot.

Couple of days ago, CJ and I went out to celebrate our 16th month! 🙂 And I of course took the opportunity to wear my brand new Room for Companion Shirt from Hollyhoque! Hehehe I love it!!! It sold out a couple of hours after it was released, and I had to be placed on the backorder list. Booooo! Waited a good 3 weeks before it finally came to where it belongs (with me)!!

I love the adorable couple pixel motifs on the shirt – tooooo cute! And so unique too! Hehehehe.

This is but one of my many new purchases. I try to console myself by constantly reminding my depressed wallet that it’s okay, I’ll be going to pretty Europe and get all my money back when I manage to take pretty pictures in my pretty clothesbut we all know it’s just excuses.

cheryltare cheryltare2 cheryltare3

Oh hi, just, you know.

My weeks have been pretty hectic recently. Because of my work, I have to leave my house by 11.30AM and will only be home at 11.30PM. That means all the admin work regarding my travels (book accommodation, book tickets, look for a room etc etc), my birthday (finalize guest list, PESTER FRIENDS TO RSVP, design labels and party deco, PESTER FRIENDS AGAIN, order food etc etc), personal life (BOOK DENTAL APPOINTMENT GODDAMIT) and school (sign the papers!! email the people!! etc etc) can only be done the moment I open my eyes (which would usually be 10AM given that I am SO TIRED) up till I go to work, and again from the minute I get home to the moment right before I sleep, which would be 2AM.


My manager also just told me today that my eye bags are huge i__i

thai express pad thaithai express rice chickenthai express tom yum soupthai express mango sticky rice

Monthsary meal at Thai Express at Citylink! 🙂

I really do love pad thai, it’s like char kway teow but better. Love love love. Thai Express’ pad thai never fails to impress! 🙂 Their chicken something something rice wasn’t the best though. It tasted of licorice, which neither CJ nor I liked, and was quite… meh. Tom yum soup, because it is the boy’s absolute thai favourite. I never quite understood Tom Yum the way CJ does – it’s just sour/spicy soup with prawns right?? #TeamGreenCurry

But hey, a girlfriend has gotta be selfless.

Also had a Mango Sticky Rice, but it came warm, which was surprising because I’ve mostly had it chilled. Hmmm. Definitely asking for a chilled one next time.

cj photographer

HAHA this is what CJ looks like every time I bug him to help me take ootd shots. HILARIOUS!!!

He’s much taller than me, but not to the extent that he’d have to kneel to take shots. And yet the photos mostly have to be taken from a slightly lower, straighter angle, which means CJ ends up doing some kind of a half-squat to accede to my requests hahahaha!! Thank you, CJ! Such sacrifice xD

posing1companion close upposing2

Top Hollyhoque’s Room For Companion Shirt  / Bottom Pull and Bear’s Pleather Shorts / Bag From Korea / Shoes Mom’s 😀

cjcheryl cjcheryl1

Happy 16th Month! 😀 Hehe ❤

Ok back to settling admin matters regarding summer/birthday/personal/school T_____T

2 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Hello! May I know if the Room for Companion Shirt is sheer and is it under the Hollyhoque Label? It’s super pretty and I’m tempted to email to ask if there’s extras from BO 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi! 🙂
      Yes, I bought this shirt from hollyhoque! ^^
      It is not sheer, so you don’t have to worry! 😀 it’s of a rather lightweight material, which I think is pretty suitable for the Singaporean weather cause I got a bit cold inside a shopping mall when the sleeves were at 3/4! 🙂 so it’s not too structured/warm. Hehe yes, super pretty!! ^^ hope you’ll be able to get your own room for companion shirt! 😀

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