5 Things Boyfriends Need To Understand About Girlfriends


So in the past couple of weeks, the boy and I have been arguing about the tiniest and most redundant of issues (stop giving me advice!!) whilst in the middle of discussing bigger, more important and complex social problems (should capital punishment be banned?).

Haha nah I kid – we don’t talk about capital punishment we debated very heatedly but we really do argue about the most retarded things a lot of the time (I SAID THAT WAITRESS WAS TRYING TO FLIRT WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU DON’T THINK SO).

Anyone ever been in that situation? *waves hands*

It’s hard to explain why we get so frustrated over the smallest of details that crop up, but I felt like I just had to somehow put it into words. It’s like a parasite that refuses to go away, coming back and haunting us with the same old issues again and again. So after much consideration about my own relationship with my annoying boy lovely boy, here are the 5 things I think he really ought to know before we launch into another one of our endless tiffs of “luuuurve”.

1. We Love And Appreciate All The Little Things You Do
Even if you think we don’t. We’ve got a small little computer in the back of our minds, typing away and taking every.little.note about every.little.thing you’re doing. And we love it when you do little things for us (like giving us the better seat, taking our books for us, opening doors – oh where hath the gentlemen goneth?). But sometimes our little computer is so busy typing, that it forgets to stop and say thank you.

So thank you, for being such a wonderful boyfriend, and please know that I know when you’re being awesome 🙂

2. We Know When That Girl Is Flirting With You
Even if you don’t, you block of wood. Girls have in-built IDS that’s more like a radar for potential MANSTEALERS – Oh that girl did not just give you the once over. Imma be rolling up my sleeves. Hold my purse, I’ll be back in a min, hun.

3. We Don’t Want To Change You…
Oh, stop rolling your eyes at me. I’ve analyzed this aspect with intense scrutiny and I still stand by this fact. Sometimes, girls don’t want you to change, we probably just want some of the old romanticism back. Relationships lose their butterflies over time, and then they become lukewarm. Some things get taken for granted, while others become forgotten (where are my cheesy poems!! *woeful*) While sometimes we whine and nag about how different you/me/we/us have become, perhaps all we really need is reassurance that the charming guy we once spent countless nights retardedly gushing over is still there… somewhere. *grumbles*

Don’t change; repeat.

4. Shut Up And Hug Us
Ah, the age-old. We don’t really need you to give us advice when we lament over how tough and confusing life is, we just need to know you’re there, listening and taking our side uh. Empathizing. And maybe some lovely, warm waffles with maple drizzle and a double scoop ice cream – never hurt nobody, nope. And anyway, most of the time, we already know what to do. #girlproblems #estrogen

Moral of the Story: Always use the Waffle-With-Ice-Cream card. Go and bookmark some waffle shops into your Google Maps nao.

5. We Don’t Hate It When You Game
Yes, we do. How I loathe you, DotA. *shakes fist*

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